Every business is unique and therefore every business has individual software system requirements. The modular setup of Visual Shop Floor offers the necessary flexibility to accommodate the client’s specific requirements with exactly what is needed. True to our motto: as much as possible, as little as necessary.


Production in one glance with VSF SMART LAYOUT! Monitor the condition of your machinery, energy use as well as the inventory with a dynamic and true-to-scale plant layout overview. With little effort you can adjust your production area layout to the current situation on a day to day basis.
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Production controlling made easy! VSF MONITORING enables you to derive analysis, key performance indicators and statistics from production data. You are always informed visually and in real time, especially on mobile devices, and can instantly react to unexpected complications in production.


Support your employees optimally in their workflow by providing up-to-date information and instructions on displays and screens. With VSF INFO BOARD you can speed up communications and make paper superfluous.

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