Digital shop floor management
for industrial companies

who want to increase their productivity.

The software Visual Shop Floor collects data from all available sources and visualizes them in real time. Manufacturing companies eliminate disruptions, increase productivity, achieve quality goals and improve the utilization of their systems.

Solunio develops Visual Shop Floor and supports companies hands-on with individual, flexible software solutions in digitizing their manufacturing processes.

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The advantages of digital shop floor management

Digital shop floor management eliminates manual data preparation and the associated sources of error. By making meetings more efficient and making fact-based decisions, everyone can focus on what matters most: to achieve the set goals.

Thanks to greater transparency, more deviations, undesirable developments and potential for improvement are recognized at an early stage. In this way, missing resources or bottlenecks can be avoided and existing resources can be used in a more effective way.

A reliable basis for decision-making creates the possibility of setting the right priorities. The efficiency of measures is recognized more easily, deviation and cause analyzes are digitally supported. This way the focus is set on the right topics.

Digital communication and task management make a lot of things easier: virtual meetings based on digital Info-Boards are just as possible as the collaboration between several departments or hierarchical levels.

Optimize manufacturing processes with Visual Shop Floor

Disseminate valuable information in a targeted way.
Use existing data to improve processes: whether through a true-to-scale shop floor map, role-specific dashboards, live KPIs or Info-Boards - Visual Shop Floor provides all the information you need to monitor processes, react quickly to deviations and identify potential for improvement.

Respond to automatic notifications.
An ongoing evaluation of production data with monitoring of thresholds ​​triggers automatic notifications. This makes it possible to react immediately to deviations, prevent bottlenecks and fix errors immediately - which increases the overall efficiency.

Automate fact-based management.
Visual Shop Floor perfectly prepares shop floor meetings on the basis of up-to-date key figures. Tasks are properly delegated and timely implementation is monitored. The right priorities are set through systematic task management.

Support paperless manufacturing processes.
Visual Shop Floor provides all necessary documents such as technical drawings, assembly instructions or parts lists digitally. Employees can easily access it and provide feedback on progress, scrap or interruptions.

Turn data into information.
Visual Shop Floor uses existing data sources in the production environment and transforms them into valuable information through intelligent linking and aggregation. The integration and processing are facilitated by the support of common standards and interfaces.

What our customers say

“With the introduction of Visual Shop Floor, downtime and production interruptions have become less frequent. If problems arise, we can now react more quickly."
"Visual Shop Floor is used in almost 30 plants around the world and is an indispensable tool for providing our employees with targeted information, recognizing potential faults before they occur, and deriving the right actions from them."
"With Visual Shop Floor we no longer talk about yesterday's problems in our morning meetings, but find answers to today's questions."
"Visual Shop Floor offers our employees a uniform platform for identifying problems at an early stage, solving them sustainably and thus for the continuous improvement of processes."
"Visual Shop Floor allows us to recognize deviations and challenges at an early stage in order to derive improvements and thereby increase productivity."


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Some numbers we are proud of

We provide our customers 24/7 current key figures in real time in over 1,100 active dashboards.
Visual Shop Floor is used at 80 locations worldwide.
More than 600 Info Boards ensure smooth processes with minor deviations in production and logistics.
Our customers monitor their productions with more than 11,000 visualized production units in real time.
Visual Shop Floor is operated in English, German, Italian and Czech in 11 countries from Brazil to China.
Over 10,000 Widgets bring selected key figures and information to a wide variety of end devices.
3,000 active users successfully rely on Visual Shop Floor in their daily work.
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