How to start?
Every journey starts with the first step!

Perhaps there are already ideas for improvements that can be implemented through digitization in production and logistics. Go one step ahead and set new standards for efficiency, adherence to deadlines and quality. We help you to identify use cases in production, assembly and logistics as well as to develop and implement solutions.

This is how it starts

Do you have an idea for the digitization of processes or a specific application in your company?

Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation. We look forward to getting to know your challenges and finding a solution. Regardless of whether it is about visualizing, monitoring, organizing or executing, we look forward to your request.

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Let's have a non-binding discussion. We would be happy to introduce you to Visual Shop Floor and answer your questions. Using specific examples, we will show you how we have supported customers in optimizing their manufacturing processes. And, of course, we will help you find a solution for taking your manufacturing to a new level. This is, of course, non-binding and free of charge. Together we can identify simple and manageable use cases in your processes, which are suitable for making a proof of value and could be implemented in a short time. We have experience from numerous customer projects!

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Together we identify specific use cases in your company that can be optimized with Visual Shop Floor. Then we give your employees the opportunity to test the system with real content and real use cases. In order to work as cost-effective and efficiently as possible, we focus on a use case with little effort and the greatest possible visibility. In a defined period of a few weeks, we put the system into operation, implement a use case and train a key user. The software is provided free of license fees and we only charge the costs for the project coordination. After we have determined the specific content, we will make a binding offer.

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If the proof of value is successful and you decide to continue to use Visual Shop Floor, we will go live with the results of the proof of value and thus creating your company immediate benefits. We will support the introduction and expansion of the system. Also always we work according to a binding schedule. Perhaps we can simultaneously roll out the solution in several departments or at several locations.

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Due to the modular structure of the Visual Shop Floor, there are always more use cases that are suitable for digitization. We would be happy to get to know further requirements and use cases in your company and support their implementation.

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Book a non-binding demo. 
Find out if Visual Shop Floor is right for you.
  • Efficient We value your time and would like to give you a compact overview of Visual Shop Floor. We are happy to discuss your requirements and customize the demo according to your time requirements.
  • Personal We do not hold anonymous webinars, but rather take time to answer your questions individually. Assemble your team to exchange ideas with us and discuss your use cases and ideas with our experts.
  • Remote We will present you Visual Shop Floor in a video conference with screen transfer and use tried and tested technology that enables you to easily connect and interact with us.
  • Non-binding Our demo is free and non-binding.
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