The module based software Visual Shop Floor opens up the potential of digitization for shop floor management. With numerous functions and possible use cases, the efficiency in management, production and logistics processes can be further increased.

What does Visual Shop Floor offer?

Traditionally shop floor management is based on manual data collection, notes, blackboards and paper based meetings. This causes considerable effort and media breaks limit the effectiveness. Visual Shop Floor minimizes the effort through extensive digitization and significantly increases the efficiency considerably.

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Visual Shop Floor is the only system on the market that maps all aspects of shop floor management in a fully integrated, digital solution. There is no need to use or license additional systems.

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With Visual Shop Floor it becomes easy to achieve the goals of shop floor management. Regardless of whether the focus is on the efficiency of production processes, the quality specifications or the optimization of the use of resources - the potential of digitization makes it possible to leverage unexpected improvements.

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Thanks to the modular structure of Visual Shop Floor, you can improve your processes step by step. The agile, pragmatic approach quickly leads to instant success and a tailor-made system that perfectly maps existing processes.

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Visual Shop Floor collects data from existing systems after hours and converts them into useful information. The data integration according to common enterprise standards, the cross-system data preparation and the shop floor management can be implemented in a short time and savings are immediately recognizable.

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As a web-based, intuitive solution, Visual Shop Floor can be easily and independently adapted and expanded step by step. It is not programmed, but configured. The costs for adjustments and extensions are minimal.

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15 perfect reasons for Visual Shop Floor.

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How does Visual Shop Floor work?


Visual Shop Floor combines all aspects of Digital Shop Floor Management in a fully integrated system. From data acquisition to data preparation and use: all functions of the Digital Shop Floor Management are provided intuitively and in an easy-to-use manner.

  • Collect data: Visual Shop Floor supports numerous standards for quick access to common systems of the production environment - from the machine control to the ERP system.
  • Prepare data: In order to turn data into information, it is stored in logical data structures after being filtered, converted and formatted and transformed into specific key figures.
  • Shop floor management: the areas of application of visualization, monitoring, organization and execution are set up as required by the company and its goals.
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